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Colonel Louis Girard was the Commander of the First Contingent during the landing at Port-Noir in 1814 in Geneva


The Contingent General Staff in 1914


Commander André Liaudat subsequently became Divisional Officer of the Swiss Army (Divisional General). He is currently Honorary Commander of the Contingent

Contingent Commanders

Did you know ?

·    The contingent commanders are all senior officers in the Swiss army.

·    The officers of the contingent (with exceptions) are officers in the Swiss army.

·    Some officers in the contingent carry a lower rank than they have in the army.

·    Some officers in the army are not contingent.

·    The contingent trains its candidates within its own military academy.

·    A non-ranking person in the army has the possibility of being promoted to the contingent by his abilities.

·    The contingent included general officers of the Swiss army in its ranks.

Reference book of the Contingent published in 2014 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its reconstitution, designed and produced by Honorary Commander François Raemy.


This very well documented book, which notably contains the names of all the grenadiers and all the services since 1914, is on sale for the price of CHF 20.- from the Chancellery of the Contingent.


Honorary Commander François Raemy with the portrait of General Guisan 

Paul Wolf CGf 1.png

Colonel Paul Wolf 1905-1973, Contingent Commander from 1951 to 1955, initiator of the Soldier's Chalet.Discover its story

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