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  • What are the goals of the company?
    The goal of the Company is to maintain the Contingent and to keep its uniform and weapons, the order in order to be able to appear and take part in official demonstrations and patriotic celebrations. (First article of the statutes) The Society is patriotic by its origins and the military traditions to which it claims. She is Friborg through her attachment to the land of her ancestors, her loyalty to the fundamental institutions of the canton, her respect for spiritual and moral values (Art. 3).
  • At what age can I become a Grenadier?
    You must have completed your recruit school to join the ranks of the Grenadiers, except for the fifes and drums, so upon reaching the age of majority you can join the ranks of the Grenadiers
  • Is there a minimum height to join the grenadiers?
    Yes, you must be at least 170 cm tall
  • Do I have to be a Swiss citizen to join the grenadiers?
    Yes, you must be a Swiss citizen
  • Is there specific training to become a Grenadier?
    Yes, every year the Contingent organizes a military academy for the training of new Grenadiers, as well as a music school for new fifes and drums
  • If I am an officer in the army, would I have the same rank in the grenadiers?
    No, after the trial period the candidate joins the ranks of a section or a detachment, he can then be promoted according to the needs of the Contingent to a particular rank or function.
  • Is there an entry fee for the Contingent?
    FINANCIAL CONDITIONS ​ Rifle bearers: ​ 1st year, single entry fee, CHF 500.- 2nd year, financial contribution for equipment, CHF 500.- from the 3rd year, contributions: annual CHF 150.- + travel CHF 50.- ​​ Drum or fife: 1st year, financial contribution for equipment, CHF 500.- from 2nd year: travel contribution CHF 50.- ​​ Order in the command detachment (logistical support) ​ 1st year, financial contribution for equipment, CHF 200.- from the 2nd year, contributions: annual, CHF 100.- + travel CHF 50.-
  • Do I need to buy my uniform?
    No, the company provides the following equipment: – A historical uniform on loan: tunic, pants, gamaches, suspenders, cocked hat, white shirts.– Street attire, service attire and work attire – Weapons on loan: rifle, backpack, sabretache, saber, protective covers -- Instruments on loan: drum, fife.
  • Are there many benefits per year?
    Each year the contingent is set up for different services, around 12 per year. The services of the year in uniform, the duration of which varies from 1h30 to a long weekend sometimes for campaigns abroad or in another canton for example, including half-days…..< /p> Special services on limited detachment and on a tour: inaugurations, birthdays, funerals, various small performances, etc.
  • Are there any special conditions to be a Grenadier?
    The Contingent expects continued participation in the performances to ensure the best possible presentation since it is above all the parade, the evolutions conducted in step with the Grenadier and the salvos which make our performances successful. The Contingent still awaits freely agreed military discipline to ensure the best quality of presentation. The Grenadier is set up by marching order, he is also sometimes summoned or simply invited; in all cases, we expect a response from him: as often as possible by his presence and, we also understand, if he cannot free himself, he should make it known by apologizing in writing.
  • Who should I contact to become a Grenadier?
    REGISTRATION ​ With the registration form during an appointment with the Recruiting Sergeant RECRUITMENT INFORMATION Grenadier AMATO ChristopheTel: 079 530 50 86Email: recruitment(at)
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