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The Grenadiers in Swiss and European history
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Grenadiers are soldiers distinguished by their use of grenades. They formed units specialized in assault during siege warfare from the 17th century, creating shock and exploiting breaches. Subsequently, they form elite units, which retain the name grenadier, even if these units only make secondary use of grenades, or even no longer use them.

The Swiss Grenadier Corps was created during the Second World War, in March 1943, on the orders of General HenryGuisan, Commander-in-Chief of the Swiss Army. The objective of creating this elite troop, one company per battalion, aims to harass enemy troops and their armored vehicles, mainly in the Alps, integrated into the development of national discount.

These soldiersimmediately received more in-depth and rigorous training than the infantrymen. Originally, we wanted to have an element of shock for both defense and attack. Many principles applied in the training of the 1950s are still valid, but in a form adapted to current requirements, today's grenadiers are found in the armored troops, mountain troops and exploration troops. Grenadiers and Parachute Scouts belong to the Special Forces of the Swiss Army like professional units such as the Army Reconnaissance Detachment (DRA 10) and the Special Military Police Detachment (Spec PM Det)

In 1814, landing of Swiss troops at the Black Port in Cologny. The trustees had maintained close contact with the Swiss Diet. As a token of friendship, the latter sent, by lake route, a garrison of soldiers from Friborg and Solothurn, as well as a few Lucernians, welcomed with enthusiasm by the population at Port Noir on June 1, 1814. At that time there was no talk of grenadiers.


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